Viral video: A massive superyacht that is valued at millions of dollars sank off the coast of Italy

A superyacht worth millions of dollars was destroyed off the coast of southern Italy on Saturday. The Italian Coast Guard rescued nine people from the sinking ship.

Italian journalists reported that a 40-meter vessel named my Saga sank off the coast of Catanzaro Marina. A video recorded by the Coast Guard shows the boat tipping repeatedly into the ocean for moments before sinking completely.

The dramatic video provides a striking representation of the sinking of a 130-foot yacht in the Mediterranean, nine miles from the coast of Italy. Footage collected by the Italian Coast Guard was used in the portrayal.

Coast Guard personnel tried to save all of the passengers on the yacht named “My Saga” before the yacht sank. The 2007 yacht had four cabins and eight cabins for its crew of 12, who were traveling around the world. As its purpose was to sail the open ocean, questions have been raised as to what exactly caused the accident to occur.

According to the publication, a problem occurred for “My Saga” on the day before when the Port Authority of Crotone received a message from the yacht stating that they were taking on water at the stern. A patrol boat from Crotone and a Romanian patrol boat reached the vessel and evacuated the passengers..

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