Re-release of ‘Avatar’ Debuts with $30 Million Around the World

Re-release of ‘Avatar’ Debuts with $30 Million Around the World

Over the weekend, the film earned $10 million in North America and $20.5 million internationally

‘Avatar’ has now grossed $2.85 billion worldwide since its release this weekend.

Among newer releases in North America, “Avatar” placed third behind Olivia Wilde’s “Don’t Worry Darling” ($19.2 million) and Viola Davis’ “The Woman King” ($11 million).

As far as recent re-releases are concerned, “Avatar,” which played in 1,980 locations (mostly Imax), outperformed “Spider-Man: No Way Home” by 85%. Over Labor Day weekend, 3,835 theaters took in $5.4 million for the latest Spidey adventure, which returned to theaters months instead of years after its original run.

The remastered version of “Avatar” topped the box office in niche territories including France ($2.9 million), Italy ($1.5 million), Singapore ($1.1 million), and Thailand ($1.1 million), where the original film made over 70% of its money. Sales in Germany ($1.3 million), the United Kingdom ($1.3 million), and Korea ($1.3 million) rounded out the top five markets. update

In 2009, “Avatar” opened at the domestic box office with a solid, but not record-breaking $77 million.

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