‘Quordle’ today August 24 Solved: Hints and answers

We provide clues for the correct answers and show examples of words that are difficult to guess, allowing you to use your wits to claim bragging rights. One advantage of a select few of the words that Quordle uses is that they’re common, making them fairly easy to puzzle out. However, the harder words can in fact be a difficult puzzle for a lot of people.

The issue with Wednesdays is that even if you have made it through the first half of the workweek, the evening means that the workweek is at its end. So if you’re beating this tough Quodle at the start of your Wednesday, I have your compassion.

But today will continue to be good. Scroll down this webpage completely and you’ll come across all four Quordle solutions. Proceed to the tide chart if you need extra assistance. Take Quordle to another level by enjoying the strategy guide. Improve at Quordle and finish the week more intelligent than you started out.

We would motivate you to work on vowel sounds first to provide you with a kickstart, as this will greatly assist you in the solving of the quiz.

We provide some helpful tips and hints to complete “shakedown” in nine opportunities or less. You may quit if you are not capable to finish the quiz. We will advocate the answers later. We are here to address your Quordle questions.

What is Quordle?

Quordle is a game based on five-letter word guessing that’s very similar to Wordle, except that each letter guessing applies to four words simultaneously. There are 9 guesses instead of six, and the goal is to make all four words correctly guessed. With four Wordle games in play at the same time, it is clearly an aspect of Wordle. But it’s not minutes away terrifying.

Where did Quordle come from?

During Wordle’s major boom early in 2021 and early 2022, every young person was learning how to love free, in-browser, once-a-day word-guessing games and Wordle creator Freddie Meyer cites as inspiration the first year that Wordle was releasing regular large-scale, entertaining, and regular celebratory Wordles. Meyer then took his inspiration a step further and made Quordle on the year’s very first day.

Meyer’s invention was put on grand display in The Guardian six days later and reports that right now attracts millions of monthly users. Currently, Meyer generates modest revenue from RooPlay, the place for devoted game fans to pledge income for the private puzzle video games.

Here are the clues for Quordle #212 for August 24, 2022

  • P, G, D, and F are the starting letters of the words today
  • E, E, Y, and R are the last letters of the words today
  • You will find “U” and “E” as the vowels used in two words today.
  • You will also find “A” and “I” vowels in two words.
  • One word has triple vowels.

Today’s answers are:

  • Quordle Word 1: PURSE
  • Quordle Word 2: GUIDE
  • Quordle Word 3: DAISY
  • Quordle Word 4: FLAIR

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