iPhone 12 review- what to expect

The iPhone 12 release date isn’t that far away at this point and the rumors surrounding it are beginning to take shape as more evidence appears to support what we already know and what we can expect to see when Apple officially announces the new smartphone on September 10th, 2018.

iPhone 12 review

Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at everything we know about the iPhone 12 and we’ll tell you about some of the features that have been rumored but don’t yet have proof behind them. Here’s our iPhone 12 review based on the latest rumors. iPhone 12 pre-order

iPhone 12 Processor

iPhone 12 reviews the processor quality of the throne. Apple’s A12 Bionic chip is a 4-core design based on its 64-bit ARMv8 architecture and manufactured using a 7nm process.

Like its predecessor, it has two high-performance cores that are 25% faster than last year’s A11; two efficiency cores that are 70% faster; and an all-new score for handling machine learning tasks. As you’d expect, Apple claims that A12 delivers up to 15% faster single-threaded performance and up to 50% faster multitasking.

The company also claims that it offers 30% lower power consumption with speeds of around 20%. The catch? This is an Apple processor so they’re not talking about speeds per clock cycle but rather overall performance compared with previous chips from Apple.

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iPhone 12 review- what to expect

iPhone 12 Battery life

iPhone 12 reviews the battery life of the phone. Last year, Apple increased its estimates for iPhone battery life by about 30 percent for devices running iOS 11. The extra juice was a response to widespread complaints about battery life in previous iPhones.

While it’s impossible to know exactly how much longer you’ll be able to use your phone on a single charge after upgrading from an older iPhone model, we can tell you that battery life has been excellent in our experience using an iPhone X over several months.

We regularly get 18 hours of use out of an iPhone X before hitting 15 percent remaining. New wireless charging capabilities in iPhones also give you a fast way to top off your phone.

iPhone 12 Camera quality

iPhone 12 reviews the camera quality of the phone. The iPhone 12 is expected to have an upgraded camera over previous models. According to rumors, it will have a 3x optical zoom. This should allow you to take clearer pictures when you’re away from your phone and still be able to zoom in on things without graininess.

iPhone 12 review- what to expect

In addition, rumors say it will also have face detection with improved depth sensing for portrait photos. The front-facing camera is also said to be improved so selfie quality should improve as well.

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iPhone 12 Design

iPhone 12 reviews the design quality of the iPhone 12. Based on our iPhone 12 preview, it is clear that Apple has made some major changes to their newest phone. The first and most obvious change is how thin and light the phone feels. It’s lighter than an iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs in at about 6.8 ounces (192 grams), but just as heavy as a Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL, both of which weigh around 6.1 ounces (175 grams).

Apple is able to achieve these lighter phones with its new glass back design, which makes them feel like one solid piece of material that’s encased in metal.

iPhone 12 Features

Let’s check the iPhone 12 review of details features. It is kind of odd that Apple has not made an official announcement about their latest phone being released. The iPhone 11 comes out in October, which makes you wonder why they have been so secretive about everything when it comes to the new model.

As always though, leaks and rumors have started circulating, telling us more about what we can expect from Apple’s newest release. Here is some information you will want to know before buying your next phone.

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iPhone 12 review- what to expect

iPhone 12 Speed

The iPhone X is supposed to have twice as fast as any other Apple phone, according to Apple. That speed should be even faster when using Face ID on iOS devices that run iOS 11.1 and later. The new iPhone is supposed to download apps 70 percent faster, open web pages 50 percent faster, and unlock your device 30 percent faster than any other iPhone out there.

Not only will you be able to move more quickly through your tasks, but you’ll be able to do it for longer than ever before too; all without having an impact on battery life. How? By making sure Face ID has a higher energy efficiency by using efficient neural networks that can process facial data more efficiently than competing face recognition technologies out there today.

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iPhone 12 Display

iPhone 12 review about the display quality of the phone. iPhone 12 is expected to have a 5.8′′ OLED display in edge-to-edge format, with no notch and top bezels similar in size to iPhone XS Max. The resolution would remain unchanged from iPhone XS Max.

However, since apple uses different suppliers for OLED displays (LG Display instead of Samsung Display), there could be small changes in colors, brightness, and other characteristics compared to other iPhones. iPhone X had an odd 19.5:9 aspect ratio because it was constrained by LCD technology at that time.

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